How Gaming Benefits Nevada


Over a third of all funding for Nevada's public schools comes from the gaming industry.

Funding School Construction

The Clark County School District ("CCSD") primarily funds the construction of schools with a combination of three revenue sources:

  • Ad valorem (property) tax - Property tax is collected in Clark County at an average rate of $3.0806 per $100 of assessed value; $0.5534 per $100 of assessed value is allocated to the CCSD for school construction.
  • Real property transfer tax - Real property transfer tax, which is collected by the county recorder when an interest in real property is conveyed, is allocated to the Clark County School District Capital Projects Fund at a rate of $0.60 for each $500 of value.
  • Room Tax Revenues Generated for School Construction - During fiscal year 2020, room tax revenue collections in Southern Nevada resulted in $73.4 million being allocated to the Clark County School District to be used on capital projects. Since 2000, there has been over $1.4 billion of room tax revenue distributed to the Clark County School District for capital projects.

Clark County School Construction Revenues Generated Through Room Tax

Revenues Generated
($ millions)
Chart of Revenues Generated 2000 - 2020

Sources: LVCVA; Nevada Department of Taxation and Applied Analysis. *Note: The Clark County School District receives other property tax revenue as well, in the form of the dedicated statewide levy of $0.75 per $100 of assessed value for school maintenance and operation. See Nevada Taxpayers Association, Nevada Tax Facts.