Gaming is More Than Just a Game

The Nevada Resort Association (NRA) is the voice of the gaming and resort industry. The gaming and resort industry is Nevada’s most vital sector, supporting more jobs, paying more wages and salaries and generating more economic output than any other sector of the state’s economy. The industry is also Nevada’s largest taxpayer, generating billions of dollars annually for state and local governments, schools and other public service providers.

The NRA provides information, perspective and industry insight while monitoring government and regulatory activities.

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2013 Nevada Gaming Fact Book

A comprehensive look at how the gaming and resort industries contribute to Nevada.

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How gaming benefits Nevada

Providing jobs and supporting the services all Nevadans depend on... As the largest employer and taxpayer in the state, gaming and tourism can be directly and indirectly credited with affording Nevada citizens a higher standard of living. Nevada's resort industry pays more than $2.0 billion in taxes and fees annually, funds nearly 42 percent of the state’s general fund and is the single largest contributor to state education funding. Nevada’s hotels and casinos pay all of the taxes paid by businesses generally, and also bear industry-specific taxes that help support K-12 schools and public colleges and universities, build streets and highways and provide other essential services at the state and local level.

Helping Nevada’s economy expand... The health and prosperity of tourism and gaming has allowed Nevada to become one of only a handful of states that does not collect a state personal or corporate income tax, providing both the individual and small business less tax burden and additional economic freedom. Nevada’s leisure and hospitality employees not only earn more on average than their counterparts in other states, but help generate significantly more tax dollars than other industries, allowing Nevada to have one of the lowest household tax burdens in the country.

A community partner... In addition to providing a primary source of revenue for Nevada's state budget, the resort industry and its employees donate millions of dollars and thousands of hours to Nevada philanthropies and public-service causes each year. Education, health care, diversity and senior care are only a small sample of the causes supported by gaming and resort companies.

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The facts about gaming in Nevada

Wide-open legalized gaming has been a part of Nevada residents’ lives since 1931 and is now the foundation for the state’s largest industry, tourism.

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